Blog One

January 14, 2010 at 8:25 pm (Assignments)

The Creation

The creation of this blog was really not too difficult (the signing up part, and getting to the editing page).  The choice of my theme took the most time, as I browsed through just about all 78 options; I found one which was pleasing enough.  My final choice does not really represent me in any special way; I just found the color and small design around the border appealing.  My title is in a font which I don’t particularly like, and I have not yet been able to figure out how to change this.  I signed up to for the “typekit” fonts from the suggested site linked to; however, I was not able to change the font for the title, only the title itself.

Creating the First Post

Other than the initial theme set up, I have been concentrating on what can be done under the posting of this first blog (post vs. page – generally it appears that posts are for chronological activity-recording – listed by date – and pages appear to be for informational purposes, edited on a regular basis).  I am also able to use colors, but have not yet been able to modify the font.


I went to “Edit Profile” under “My Account” to create my Gravatar.  I was able to upload a picture of myself, but that is about it.  What do I do next with a Gravatar?


I modified some the the widgets on the right hand side of my page, but I have not attempted anything intense with them yet.  I figured out how to create and edit static pages; however, my “About” page is really nothing special as of now.

Inserting Links

Just as an experiment, so that I would know how to do it, I inserted a link to the PSH homepage.  I did this from the “Links” button in the editor.  The link appears under the “Blogroll” widget.



  1. Hannah said,

    How did you change the colors?

    • pjn5037 said,

      As you are editing your blog, there is a color button just above the text box which allows you to change the font color when text is highlighted.

  2. jrm1985 said,

    I looked through all 78, too! I like your theme and I share your frustration with typekit. I was wondering about the Gravatars as well and I found out that mine showed up on Jill’s Blog when I left her a comment.

    Nice job. I look forward to working with you this semester 🙂


  3. theupstartcrow83 said,

    Nice Picture. Teach me how you learned how to color your letters.

  4. moderntablet said,

    Hello Phillip!

    Your first blog looks great, and from reading it sounds like you have a good idea of how this all works! I agree, it took awhile for me to choose a theme as well, but I am glad you chose one that is appealing. I think it will be interesting to watch how you are going to continue to be creative with your blog 🙂 The first one is well done, keep up the great work!

  5. tryingsomethingnew23 said,

    Sorry buddy, but you sitting next to me makes you my official guide to the inner working of the interweb. Hope to learn a lot more for you and our other group members throughout the semester.
    I’m here to help too, as best I can.

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