Assignment Two

January 26, 2010 at 1:25 am (Assignments)

There is plenty of information about blogging on the web.  I found a number of different sites, most of them tutorials from blog-provider sites, with numerous tips and tricks for creating a successful, creative, and attractive blog.

Effective Blogging

The first informational blog which “caught my eye” was a site called Webdesigner Depot.  They had posted a blog with seven tips (along with sub-tips) for creating an “effective” blog site.  These tips are:

  1. find inspiration
  2. do research
  3. have effective writing
  4. post images
  5. take time to publish
  6. promote your blog
  7. follow up

This site encouraged, first and foremost, a “structure and commitment” to your blog site in order to blog effectively.  As far as inspiration, Webdesigner Depot encourages the use of sites like and to find popular topics – topics which have numerous hits probably indicate good follow-up discussion blogs.  Keeping track of current affairs is also important for finding inspiration.  Keeping a blog “with the times,” so to speak, indicates what people are interested in right now.  Also, it helps to design a blog around what types of opinions people wish to read about in contrast to objective news sites.

Webdesigner Depot encourages research because it will allow for the compilation of reference material as well as the proof that the author has dedicated time and effort to creating a professional blog.  Next, effective writing skills and image posting are additional ways to attract readers without alienating them.  When I read something online, I am more inclined to revisit the site if grammatical errors go unnoticed.   Pictures add a visual break from dense text as well as an aesthetic element of attraction.  Promotion of one’s blog is pretty much a no-brainer, but Webdesigner Depot encourages the use of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

For some reason, follow-up seems like the most over-looked tip for a blog designer.  Readers want to leave comments for the author to read, and really, this is one of the fundamental differences between traditional articles in a newspaper, magazine, or other non-digital text source.  How great it must feel to get feedback from the author of an article you just left a comment on.

Blog Basics and Advanced Design Tutorials

Other sites I found to help with blog creation and fundamentals included and

A better site for defining and explaining the components of a blog rather than the creation of an effective blog, has a three-part tutorial which lays out the most basic protocol for a blog.  This would be a good starting point for someone who is not familiar with the structure of a blog, and would like to start the design process before concentrating on effectiveness. seems like a site for more advanced bloggers who are looking to improve an already effective blog.  This site offers ways to advance one’s blog to the next level in areas such as organization, promotion, and software improvement.  For example, one post explains how to post effective promotional ads on sites such as Facebook and Google.

Use of Blogs

My first exposure to blogging was from the political realm, such site as Huffington Post and The Daily Beast are news blogs I am most familiar with.  For example, Huffington Post, created by Arianna Huffington, is primarily a left-wing news blog which digs up the stories most mainstream news sites ignore. This blog tends to get at the juicy information, sometimes focused more on gossip and opinion rather than objective news coverage.

Blogs such as The Kenneth Cole Blog and The Case Foundation Blog focus on the social and humanitarian awareness for various organizations, communities, projects, and groups around the world.  Sites such as these can be purely informational, or they can strive for fundraising or volunteer organization.  For example, The Case Foundation Blog currently has a post about ways an individual may help the relief effort in Haiti after the recent earthquake.


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