Audacity and Section 3 Prep

April 1, 2010 at 12:50 pm (Assignments)

Audacity Work

Section Two Work

I thought I would give a visual of some work I have been doing on Audacity.  I finally purchased a microphone, so I have been playing around with some of the audio, which I would like to upload and integrate for Section 2.  Audacity can be a little time consuming, but the more I use the program, the easier it flows.

I have recorded the full “Wodwo” poem, and now I am going to break it up into parts so that it will correspond to the various lines in the poem.  Since I already have the full poem recorded on file, I plan to include it on the site along with the individual audio files.

I have not looked any further for art work, but as I stated in my last blog, I do plan to remove the current pictures I have.  It just seems like it would be less “random” if I included one or two particular authors rather than pictures which I just stumbled upon.

Section 3 Planning

Planning for section 3 is going alright.  Now that I have an idea and the outline put together, it should be a matter of research and some monotonous work on the design side.  For this section, I would like to use some of the behaviors we learned about for section 2, but I would like to use them in a non-creative way.  I am thinking of the potential for menu “effects” in particular.  It seems like I could do some type of pull-down action with them.  It should be interesting to see how this unfolds.


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