Sec 3 Work and Audio Problems

April 8, 2010 at 10:54 am (Assignments)

Section 3 work

As I have been working on my bibliography page, I came across some very interesting information about optical character recognition software.  This is software that converts imaged or scanned text into modifiable text which most word processing software can then recognize.  I believe software such as this has been around for quite some time, but it is obviously not that popular yet.  Just imagine the possibilities though.  For example, I am thinking about taking pictures of text with my phone, having it automatic converted into text, sending this text by e-mail to a friend, and then they may use it for any type of modification within a personal document.  Research possibilities, general reading or any type of editing could be enhance greatly by such software.

I am already searching for an app on  Blackberry appworld that might perform this type of task.  I have found the bar code scanner app and a business card app thus far.  The bar code app will allow a shopper to take a picture of a bar code on a particular piece of merchandise, and then they may compare prices with multiple other pieces of that same merchandise within the area.  The buisness card app, more directly related to the character recognition software, will allow  a user to take a picture of a business card and have it modified into text which the software will then automatically store away among other contacts in an address book.

More relevant to the work I am interested in for this project, Microsoft Office has a program which allows the user to scan and modify any image document.  Although, I have attempted to use this software for pictures of text without success.  Unfortunately the program “Microsoft Office Document Imaging” does not recognize .jpg files.  I am still trying to work around this issue with conversion software.

Audio Problems

Section 2 is still a work in progress.  I have attempted to upload audio in a manner which allows me to play it on a click or rollover, kind of like a behavior; however, I have not succeeded as of yet.  I was able to embed audio so that it will play as soon as the user enters the site, but this is not my goal.  Other than those issues with Dreamweaver, Audacity has been very easy to use.  I would recommend using a small file format for any audio, like .mp3, because of upload time – .wave is much too big and slow.


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