More Audio Problems…I will move on.

April 11, 2010 at 10:59 pm (Assignments)

In all of our (Dr. Kearney, Wilbert, Andrew and myself – thanks for trying guys) attempts to fix my audio problems for Section 2, there was no success.  The problem, as I have constructed it, has not been solved, and I am regretfully moving to a new solution, one which involves less complicated audio demands.  I plan to simply embed my audio on the page itself without having it “triggered” in any way.  The audio will have an on/off switch, but there will be no complicated behaviors as the mouse cursor moves over the text (I am sad to have this go).

I still have a short bibliography page to add for Section 2, which will document the location of all the pictures which I have borrowed from other pages.  The pictures will be complete with links, and perhaps a small description of why I chose to use the particular pictures where I chose to use them.  This work should complete Section 2 for the final net portfolio.

Further, I still have some general maintenance to do on the aesthetics of my page.  It was suggested a couple of times that my background color did not contrast well with my font color, I plan to change this soon.  Also, the font itself has been suggested as distracting from its content.  This is a problem I certainly don’t want, so it too will be changed shortly.  After I add an update page as well as these changes, I should be ready to tackle Section 3 in all its massiveness.


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