April 15, 2010 at 10:10 am (Assignments, Thoughts)

Well, its been interesting.  I can’t say that blogging is my most favorite activity, but I can see how it could be for some.  It is definitely hard to put yourself out there, and I think it is probably a good thing that we have this reluctance.  Writing in general should be something carefully considered.  It should be something which is approached as if it could have positive and negative consequences – because it does.  There is a reason Heidegger said, “Language is the house of being.” He meant language has the possibility for either wonderful or dire consequences, and therefore, we must be very careful about how we use it.  We all know these possibilities, or at least we have a sense of them.  And That is why we are so reluctant to “put ourselves out there,” especially on the internet where our words may end up lasting forever.

On a more appropriate-to-this-class note, I chose to blog about topics suitable to this course for the majority of my posts this semester.  I did give some feedback about some of the critical theory topics in the Landow book, but I mostly wrote about the process of creating my website.  I found that every time I sat down to write a new post, perhaps with the exception of the first two or three, I had no problem with completing the post within a matter of minutes.  There was always a fresh supply of material to write about, provided I had spent some time working on my website.  I think the website theme was an appropriate topic to blog about for this course.


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